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What is Curb Appeal and Why is it Important? Tips from your Lockhart Realty Team

If you are hoping to sell your home, you have likely already started compiling a to-do list to get it market ready. One thing you should not overlook in the selling process is your home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal refers to whether or not the overall aesthetics of your property from the street entices people to want to buy it. While prospective buyers probably won’t make an offer based on the outside alone, most buyers make the decision on whether or not they are interested in a property before even walking through the door. There are many different factors that create curb appeal for a house. Whether you’re selling in the Lockhart real estate market or anywhere else, it’s important to pay attention to each factor in order to create that lasting, positive first impression for potential buyers.


The front lawn is a big part of the curb appeal, and while you might feel like yours is a lost cause, getting the landscape ready for listing might be easier than you think. One place to start is the grass. If your grass is dead or you have dirt patches, start by seeding and scheduling a watering routine. The right amount of water alone might get you greener grass in just a couple of weeks. Trim any bushes or hedges near the house or on the property line, and have any low hanging branches trimmed back from the roof. This alone will create a cleaner looking property!


Whether your house is brick, stone, or vinyl siding, you might want to take a look at the condition that it’s in. Spending just a little bit of time on it could get your exterior looking like new! Most likely, you will just need a power washer to help get rid of dirt build up, but you might also consider painting as well. Still a relatively low cost investment, painting the exterior will help give the property a more modern look (depending on the age of the house) and will give the appearance a newer, well cared for home.


The roof is an important part of the curb appeal mostly because most home buyers know how much of a cost and hassle it is to replace it. Having your roof cleaned up is a good place to start (again, power washer), but if the roof is at the end of its life, it might be something worth putting money into. Odds are, you will be drastically low balled on offers if there is a bad roof, but on the flip side, listing the house with a brand new roof will likely give you a good return on your investment. Think about it – a home buyer is about to put to tie up a lot of cash into down payments, inspections, closing costs, and more. The thought of having to soon after turn around and pay for a new roof out of pocket could be a big deterrent.

Front Door and Windows

Walking through the front door is a big moment for prospective home buyers, so giving the actual front door some attention is wise! If needed, consider a new coat of paint to help brighten up the entrance a little. The same goes for the windows! Just by thoroughly cleaning them and painting the trim you will notice a huge difference!

Remember, first impressions go a long way with home buyers! Just by giving the landscaping, exterior, and front door a little TLC, you will likely see better offers from more eager buyers!

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