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Central Texas has so much to offer people from all walks of life. Whether you are a college student, young professional, or seasoned adult, central Texas has something great for you! With the booming economy and uprise in out-of-staters moving in, growing small towns, such as Lockhart, are the perfect place to buy a home now. Located just 34 miles from the heart of Austin, Lockhart is situated to be the ideal location for you to invest into your future. Besides a great proximity to the city, moving to Lockhart comes with a whole bundle of perks!


Lockhart is a great choice no matter what your stage of life. If you are a young professional hoping to make it in the big city, Lockhart’s positioning on the 130 toll makes for an easy commute. If you are looking to get away from the city, Lockhart offers the quiet small town atmosphere with the convenience of nearby cities. Lockhart is also positioned within a short drive of several notable colleges and universities. Whatever your personal or professional goals, moving to Lockhart is a great choice!

Growing Businesses

One characteristic that makes central Texas great is that our communities are filled with local businesses. Nearby bigger cities such as Austin and San Antonio have had an emphasis on small local business, which is one of the appeals of the area. Many of these businesses are beginning to expand outside of Austin into town like Lockhart. In the last several years, many businesses have either opened or relocated in Lockhart, investing millions of dollars into the community and creating jobs for the residence. If you either have an entrepreneurial spirit or are hoping to find employment, moving to Lockhart could be a strategic investment into your future!

Cost of Living

With all of the many perks that the cities in central Texas offer, more and more people have continued to move in and then remain long term. While we love a growing community, this has made it difficult for many to deal with the rising rent costs. With the majority of Austin being leased out and the ever rising ticket price on purchasing a home, more people are choosing to settle down in the surrounding towns. Compared to the average home value in Austin which comes in at a whopping $370,000, the significantly more affordable average in Lockhart falls at $160,000. This is up about 7% from last year and is expecting to rise, so if you are wanting to buy a home, buying in Lockhart now is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. Not to mention, these properties make for excellent investment homes as the value continues to rise.

That Small Town Feel

Even though Lockhart is so accessible to bigger cities like Austin and San Antonio, its small size lends itself to many benefits. With less than 14,000 people, the community members take pride in their town, and while it is rapidly growing, community leaders are working to maintain the integrity of the small town feel. By moving to Lockhart, you are reaping the benefits of not only the surrounding cities, but of a wonderful town filled with passionate people.

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