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Home Buying Tips

For most people, buying a home brings a sense of comfort, peace and long-anticipated resolution. The feeling of reassurance comes when you know that you own your forever home and you have settled down for the future in your small corner of the world. The concept of finding a forever home means finding a home that meets your needs, is flexible, and will adapt to your future needs such as a growing family. You can get a better idea of what to look for in your forever home by following the suggestions outlined below. Here’s what you should keep in mind!


An essential aspect of finding your forever home is ensuring that it is in the correct location. This is essential to all family members’ priorities and needs—both at the time of purchase as well as in the foreseeable future. Evaluate the location in terms of school catchment areas, and research the schools’ performance and their suitability for your children. Schools are an extremely important factor to consider when it comes to a forever home, so take the time to do plenty of research.

You may want a home with a garden, but this alone isn’t always enough to satisfy that itch to be out in nature. Try to find a home where there are close outdoor areas to enjoy the beauty of nature outside your home garden, such as cycling trails, walking trails, woodlands, parks, swimming pools, or anywhere else you can exercise and enjoy the fresh air. It is also vital to establish convenient links to get to work and get to the nearest town center or city. Depending on your priorities, you might want to avoid homes without nearby major highways for easy commuting.


Have an approximate budget in mind before starting your search for a home. Depending on what you find, it would be best to set money aside for future extensions and sprucing up the interior. A budget will give you a clear guideline on what you can reasonably afford and what you should compromise on. Do not forget extra fees such as lender/broker fees, valuation and surveyor fees, arrangement fees, mortgage booking fees, and solicitor costs.

After getting pre-approved and knowing what you qualify for, do not be tempted to start looking for properties beyond your price range. Having a mortgage that you cannot afford can turn out to be a nightmare for your family.

Know your Style

The interior of your home is an important consideration to make. Look at the placement and size of rooms and the quality of fittings and fixtures. The internal layout of the house should work for your lifestyle and have plenty of space.

Consider the type of home that works best for you. Single-family homes provide more freedom and privacy, which is good if you have children or pets that need to run in a yard. However, single-family homes mean spending your weekends doing maintenance projects. On the other hand, condos have associations that take care of outside maintenance, but they lack the green space that kids and pets need. Monthly dues cater to the maintenance.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, consider the resale value of the home before you commit to it. Although you want to spend “forever” in the house, sometimes situations change in ways we can never expect. You might get a divorce or get an irresistible job offer in another city, prompting you to sell your home. Whatever unpredictability might happen in the future, your home should resell at a profit if the need arises.

Find Your Perfect Lockhart House

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