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How to Research a Neighborhood before Buying a New Home Tips from your Lockhart TX Realtors

Home Buying Tips

Homebuyers are getting smarter every year by making sure they are not buying a cat in a bag. In other words, they want to make sure that they are getting value for their hard-earned money by thoroughly investigating the community they are considering moving into for the long-term. Some people are still not sure what to look for, while others have a list which they use to delve into in-depth research. Thanks to the internet, information is right at the homebuyers’ fingertips. Since visiting the community will not divulge all the details, then the internet will do the rest. Here’s the way to garner all the info needed when finding a place to live both physically and by utilizing the internet.


Nobody wants their new home to be surrounded by crime and violence, making them afraid even to step outside. Some cities offer crime maps, but if your desired place to live doesn’t, you can always Google the information.


Some people like diversity, while others not so much. Checking out the statistics will help you decide whether you’ll be in the same income category as your neighbors. Are they are welcoming, are there mostly rentals or homeowners, young executives, retirees, amenities, and a range of other things that you desire in your neighborhood. Visit the community several times, both night and day, to get a general feel of the atmosphere.

Housing Costs

If you’ve already selected a house, then it’s highly likely you chose based on your budget. However, it’s essential to know that things like crime, low rentals, schools, etc. can make your property’s value depreciate. It is, therefore, necessary to investigate all of those factors to determine if the price of the house you’re buying may not be worth it. A good realtor will help you make that determination by showing you how the home values and rental rates have shifted over the past decade.


Understanding how much of your earnings will go toward income taxes and the sales and property fees for your anticipated residence is significant. There are more and varying state taxes than you can imagine, so get to know them.


Getting to and from work, school, church, restaurants, and more is always a concern. People want to reach all the essential amenities, even if they don’t own a car or don’t want to drive. Therefore, it’s good to check out the Walk Score and the availability of public transport. A quick internet check can solve that.

School Ranking

It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent; knowing the status of schools in the community is very important. Schools with better rankings increase home values. Parents should visit the schools and even go to the area when school is over to see how children operate in general.


If you like extremely hot or cold or would prefer a balance, the Weather Channel can assist you with finding the right climate to suit your taste.

Overall, there can never be too much research. Ask your realtor, use the internet, and visit often.

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