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Writing an Offer Letter for a House: Best Practices Houses and Homes for Sale in Lockhart, Tx

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Picture this, you have found the perfect house and you want to make an offer, but so do a bunch of other people. You have to act fast. You need to set yourself apart from the other buyers. An offer letter will allow you to do this and increase your chances of appealing to the seller personally. You may put some information about yourself, why you want to buy the house, and let them know the amount of money you are willing to purchase the house for. They can choose to accept that offer or not. But how do you write one? That is the question that many people are struggling to answer. This how-to guide will help you learn how to write an offer letter that will get you noticed among all the other buyers.

Get Personal With the Seller

The first step is don’t be afraid to be personal. The seller wants to know that their house will be cared about by the next family that moves in. Let them know the amount of time you have lived in your last house and the condition you kept your house in to give them an idea of how you will treat your new future home. It’s also important to mention what you do for a living. It can also be helpful to introduce your family

Why do you Want to Buy the House?

Let the seller know why you want to buy their house in the offer letter. List the features that you love about the home and be specific, not just listing off areas of the home you like. Tell them what you have in mind for those spaces and how you see your family utilizing them. It will show the seller that you have a serious interest in their home. It also shows that you have truly familiarized yourself with all the features and that you recognize the time and effort they have put into making the house a home. You may want to visit the house more than once. When you visit the home more than once, it will show the seller that you are an interested buyer and not a curious shopper. Let the seller know that it’s a perfect house for you because it’s close to your work, or the kid’s school, or that it’s close to a nearby park. If you have a history in the areas surrounding the home, describe it to the seller, they might find it appealing to know that you have been established in that area for a while and that having your dream home in a familiar place would have sentimental value.

Financial Situation

In this section of the letter, put in your offer. Let them know you are willing to negotiate to add even more of a level of serious interest to your offer. The sellers will know that you are willing to go above and beyond to be able to buy their home. Put the details of your financials in this part of the letter too. It wouldn’t hurt to add your credit score, so they know that you are committed to making your payments on time. Getting preapproved for a home loan is also a really important part of submitting your offer to a seller. Most sellers won’t want to take the chances of accepting an offer from someone who isn’t preapproved.


Conclude the offer letter with a references section. Include the names and phone numbers of the people you have rented from in the past. The seller can find out for themselves your previous history.


Its not necessary to write a letter to the seller when making an offer on a home, but in some cases it can be quite beneficial. Depending on the nature of the seller, writing a personal offer letter can help you to stand out from the other applicants. It will show the seller that you see yourself and your family living in that home and that you are willing to do what they need in order to achieve that.

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