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What Does It Mean to Sell Your Home “As Is?”

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The “as is” phrase has been popping up more and more in real estate lately. Many people are wondering what it means to sell a home as-is, but the answer is not always clear-cut. This article will discuss what you need to know about selling your home “as is” and if it’s right for you.

What it Means

When you sell your home as-is, you are essentially selling it in its current condition. This means that you are not making any repairs or renovations to the property before selling it. Although you may have the urge to clean, paint and fix things while waiting for a buyer to come along, it is best to not invest any time or money into your home. This can make the process of selling your property much easier and faster.

If you are thinking about selling your house “as is”, it’s also important to think about the potential buyers who might be interested in your property. Since you are not making any repairs, this may turn off some buyers who are looking for a move-in-ready home.

On the other hand, there are also some buyers who may be interested in your property because it is a “blank slate.” You may also be selling it without any guarantees from the buyer. This can be a risky proposition for the seller, but there are some benefits to going this route.


A benefit of selling your home as-is is that you don’t have to make any repairs or renovations before you sell it. This can be a big saving for you, especially if the repairs are expensive or if the property is in need of a lot of work. Another benefit is that you can often get a higher price for your home without making repairs. Even if the buyer wants to purchase it as is, you can sometimes convince them to pay more because they have the option of just bringing in an inspector before closing and having repairs made by the seller.

Another benefit of selling your house as-is is that there’s no chance for confusion during negotiations about who will be responsible for which repairs. When you sell your home as-is, the buyer is aware that they are buying it in its current condition, and they are also aware that they will need to have an inspection before closing in order to assess any potential repairs that may need to be made. This can help to speed up the negotiation process and make it less likely for issues to arise.

Determine If Selling “As- Is” is Right for your Home

Unfortunately, not every property can successfully be sold as-is. If you are selling older or run-down property that needs significant renovations, it may be complicated for buyers to see past the repairs and negotiate a fair price. It’s essential to keep in mind the kind of value your home has before deciding whether or not you should sell it as is.


If you decide to sell your home as-is, it’s essential to be very clear about the property’s condition in your listing. You should list all of the repairs that have been done, any known problems with the property, and what kind of guarantees you are willing to offer to the buyer. This will help to avoid any confusion or surprises down the road.