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6 Ways to Maximize Your Bedroom Space Apartment & duplex tips from your realtors in Lockhart TX

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If you’re anything like the average person, you have too much stuff and not enough space for it. Your space may be small, which makes it even harder to organize all your stuff. This article will go over 5 different ways to maximize space, specifically in your bedroom.

1. Use Empty Space

Have you used every possible inch in your closet? Chances are there’s probably vertical space that isn’t being occupied.

Consider buying stackable containers to fill your closet shelves. You can fill the containers with things that you don’t use every day, like seasonal clothing, books, keepsakes, and more. This will free up your living space and get rid of unnecessary clutter.

2. Use Under-The-Bed Space

Many beds have space under them that usually sits collecting dust. If your bed has unused space, try finding some flat containers with lids that will fit underneath it. Linens, luggage, shoes, and books would be great options to put under your bed.

3. Arrange Your Dresser

The dresser should be the most organized piece of furniture in your room. The better organized it is, the more clothes and other things can fit in it. Take the time to fold your clothing before putting it in your dresser. Designate each drawer for different articles of clothing to be even more organized.

4. Over-The-Door Storage

An excellent way to optimize space is an over-the-door organizer. You can use your bedroom door or your closet door if you don’t like to leave your things out in plain sight. This could be a great place to store things for hobbies, school, your job, or anything else. If you have a double-door closet, you have even more space to work with!

5. Double Duty Furniture

Many pieces of your furniture can double as extra storage too. A bench at the end of your bed could actually be a storage bench that holds your blankets and pillows. A bedside table could be a nightstand with drawers. Floating shelves can hold your decorations and other keepsakes. Try to think outside the box when adding furniture to your bedroom.

6. Declutter Often

At the end of each day or week, take the time to throw away accumulated junk like receipts, trash, and food containers. Make a habit of folding and putting away your clothes each night. A smaller bedroom will be prone to more clutter, so 5–10 minutes of cleaning every day will make a huge difference.

Rethink Everything

If after all these tips, you still find yourself with too much stuff, consider donating or throwing out things you don’t use.

Try taking a minimalist approach to your bedroom. Shirts that you haven’t worn in months most likely won’t be worn again. Those old books you’ve been meaning to read since last summer are doing nothing but collecting dust. If you’re emotionally attached to things, try storing them in different places in your apartment or house.

Your organized bedroom is just a few steps away. No matter how small your room is, you can find enough space to comfortably fit everything with a bit of creative thinking. Get started and feel the inspiration!

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