Lockhart houses for sale are shown with trees in their front yards.

How Trees Add Value To Your Property Tips from Your REALTORS in Lockhart TX

Whether you are hoping to sell your home or not, one of the most common questions asked is what are the best ways to improve the value. Some home repairs automatically increase value while others do not. One method of beautifying your home while simultaneously raising the property value is by improving the landscaping! A poorly landscaped front yard can really decrease curb appeal and detract from the high points of the actual house itself, and one of the most desired landscaping features is the presence of trees in the yard!

Not Just Nice To Look At

Aesthetically speaking, you can’t go wrong with the warm colors of a dogwood tree or the beautiful blossoms of a Chinese Mongolian. Aside from framing your home with these artful additions, trees add practical value to your home! In fact, the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers estimate that a mature tree can add anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 to your overall home value. And while the exact definition of what constitutes a “mature tree” is hard to pin down, it’s safe to say that it implies a tree that has either reached its height capacity, has a well developed canopy, or has reached the peak of its natural growth development. It takes years, and for some breeds, decades, to reach maturity. So, if you are hoping to start from saplings, the best day to start is today if you haven’t already!

Saves on Utilities

Larger, mature trees are often referred to as “shade trees” as they offer a great deal of relief from the sun. Not only does this improve your life by allowing you to spend some much needed time outside enjoying your home from the outdoors, but this shade offers a great deal of relief off of your energy bill. Because mature trees stand tall all day long, including the high heat hours of the day, they can work as a shield for your home from the sun. In terms of dollars and cents, having mature trees in your yard can potentially reduce your energy bill by 50%. This is great as a homeowner, and this is a massive appeal for potential home buyers as well!

Adds Character

Beyond the tangible savings you get from your energy bill, strategically chosen and placed trees can be the one factor that adds that little bit of edge to your home for onlookers. We’ve all driven through a neighborhood and passed by a particular property said something along the lines of, “Oh my, those trees are gorgeous!” There are so many options like trees of different sizes, different colors, and trees that bloom seasonally. Well placed trees help make your landscape look especially sculpted!

Bear in mind, not every tree works in every climate, location, or soil type. If you are considering investing in your lawn with some new trees, great! Before you jump the gun, consult with an arborist who can help guide you on how to make your vision for your lawn come true with your specific landscape and increase the property value and aesthetics of your home!

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