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Home Selling Secrets You Must Know Tips From Your Realtor in Lockhart Texas

Selling a house is more than just getting it ready for the market. You must ensure your home is priced well, staged properly, and accurately advertised. But you may not get the results you want the first time. After all, we’re in a hot market with multiple offers and very few homes for sale, and an overpriced listing will limit your chances of making that sale. The following are home-selling secrets you must know, from your Lockhart TX Real Estate friends.

1. Price it Right

Most people know you need to price your house right in order to sell it fast, but they don’t understand why. First, the current market is making it tough for sellers — so you must consider all the factors before deciding the price or the risk of having your home sit on the market for too long before someone jumps on it. And since we have a very strong market, competition is fierce — so you need to ensure that your home will be competitive with the ones already for sale.

2. Stage your Home

Many people think staging is about making a house look nice, but this isn’t always the goal. It’s much more important to make your home feel livable and comfortable when showing it to potential buyers. Buyers want to see that you care about their needs, and if you haven’t at least thought about their perspective during the design process, then it may be time for an intervention by a professional stager.

3. Make your Home Show-Ready

Before showing it, you must ensure your home is clean, well-organized, and in good shape. But even after buyers see the house, they may not want to move forward with a purchase if they feel like the carpets are dirty and there’s too much clutter around. As a seller, you need to have an open mind — but you also need to remember that buyers want their homes “show-ready” because once an offer is made, there will be no going back.

4. Choose your Agent Wisely

If you don’t pick the right agent for the job, then it’s possible your home won’t sell. So don’t just choose the agent who sells the most houses — make sure you choose someone who will represent you from start to finish and someone well-versed in real estate. And remember, it’s not about how many houses your agent sells — it’s about how happy their past clients are.

5. The Kitchen Comes First

No one wants to see a dirty kitchen, so your kitchen must be clean, organized, and well-styled. The number of people who walk through your home will be much higher if the kitchen looks appealing. And since buyers choose their homes most times centered around what’s in the kitchen, you must ensure this area is show-ready — so always stage it first.

6. Don’t Over-Upgrade

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on upgrades, but you should ensure that your home is fully equipped with a range of updated appliances, dishwasher, oven, etc. And while some buyers don’t mind upgrading their homes, others will feel like they’re getting taken advantage of if the house isn’t fully equipped with new appliances.

Key Takeaway

Remember, if you have a Lockhart house for sale and you want to get the most money for your house, you have to market it properly, and you need to do your research before pricing, staging, and listing it. And while you will always want to make sure your property looks amazing, you also have to keep in mind that buyers want their homes to be “show-ready,” — so make sure they are.

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