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Declutter Before Moving for a Happier Move

Moving Tips

Moving is one of the most exciting and dramatic moments in a person’s life. It’s a time when they can start anew, to change their environment completely. A new place is a fresh start, even if it means leaving friends and loved ones behind. People go through the process of moving with eagerness, but once they get there, anxiety sets in. Suddenly people need help figuring out how to organize or clean up their new homes.

1. Sort

Moving is the perfect moment to let go of items that you no longer need. Even if you’ve had them for a long time, it may be best to get rid of them if they’re not being used and just taking up space. To help with sorting, why not try going through all your stuff and asking yourself what will be useful in your new home? You could even host a garage sale before moving – not only can you make some extra money, but it also means fewer things to carry since people can come to you!

2. Clean

Before you start packing, take some time to give your space a thorough tidy up. Take a look around and ensure that shelves are free of dust; check for any traces of insects or pests under furniture; and dispose of any items with too much dust, food residue or pet hair. Then, vacuum the flooring, mop if necessary, remove all surface dust and give surfaces a deep clean before you start packing up – then you’ll be ready to go!

3. Fold

It’s super important to make the best use of your space when moving into a new home. We recommend folding items like blankets, pillows and clothing that you’re not wearing right now. This way, you can easily stack them and create more space in places like dresser drawers! It’ll save you lots of time and hassle in the long run.

4. Organize

Having an organized home can make life much easier. You’ll be able to find what you need without having to search high and low. To achieve this, it’s best to group things together – such as shirts in one place, shoes in another and small items like keys or wallets into baskets or bowls to prepare them to be put into boxes. A good idea is to put a basket at the bottom of the stairs for any shoes that could be cluttering up your entranceway. Lastly, you can create a helpful ‘to-do’ list for each area of your house that needs organizing!

5. Store

Maximizing the use of space can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! Storing your items in small, reusable containers is an excellent way to make the most out of a limited amount of room. Labeling them with their intended destination also ensures that they remain organized and easy-to-find should you need them for another purpose down the line.


Specific challenges may arise when moving into a new house. People are in their element when packing and cleaning but can feel overwhelmed once they arrive at their new homes. That is why decluttering and getting organized prior to moving is the best option for a stress free and seamless move.

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