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5 Tips for Staging Your House Advice from our Realtors in Lockhart, TX

When it comes to selling your home, one of your goals is to have your house be the kind of place that causes a buyer to make the highest possible offer. The hard part is that you rarely have a limitless budget to do that with, especially in a season when you are trying to move. No worries! There are a lot of ways to make cost effective adjustments that will really raise the aesthetics and appeal of the overall property. The key is in the details! Here are 5 tips that will help get your home staged and ready for an open house without breaking the bank!

1. Clean

This might sound obvious, but when we say clean, we mean to really clean to that spick and span, magazine cover level, in the details, clean. When you live in a space and see it all the time, it can be easy to overlook things that a pair of fresh eyes will notice, especially if those eyes are intentionally judging your house on the bases of its appearance. In addition to removing any clutter or unnecessary items, you want your house to have that special sparkle that comes along with grout free tile and dust free base boards!

2. Gender Neutral Bedrooms

Especially in the master bedroom, you don’t want to alienate buyers by a wall color or decorations that completely cater to one stereotypical gender norm. Be sure that the master bedroom would compliment anyone by using some neutral colors on the walls, for the bedding, and by using accessories to decorate with that compliment the overall theme of the room.

3. Fireplace Makeover

With a little thoughtful planning, a fireplace can be a wonderful addition and accent to a room that should be a bonus for your buyer. Consider the accessories like the screen or tools. If these items are old, blackened by years of use, or have outdated brass accents, they can steal the attention away from potential buyers in a negative way. Replacing these and thoroughly cleaning out the fireplace can really create an easy selling point for the space.

4. Staining Kitchen Cabinets

While it probably sounds unreasonable to replace your outdated kitchen counters (which could cost you thousands of dollars) just so you can sell the house, there are other ways of sprucing up the overall look of the kitchen. Staining your outdated kitchen cabinets and replacing the old hardware with new handles can really make a big difference and will cost way less than replacing them.

5. Update Appliances

When it comes to selling your house, there are some ways you can invest your money that will have a greater return than others. While some home improvements don’t add value to your house in the eyes of a buyer, new updated appliances in the kitchen have shown to really bring a high return. While older appliances can cause your kitchen to look dated, new appliances help the whole kitchen space look cleaner and newer. Investing in updating the kitchen appliances is a great way to motivate buyers to make great offers on your home!

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