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Most Important Types of Home Inspections
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Before purchasing a home a buyer must have the home inspected. They may have found their dream home but it may turn out the house is not in perfect condition at all. Some types of home inspections should be performed before making an offer on a home.

General Home Inspection

This inspection is considered to be standard before purchasing a home. The inspection will look at the electric work, plumbing, the condition of the roof, the insulation of the home, and the main structure. The inspector will look for any issues and will provide a report where repairs may be needed. The report is used to bring the home up to current safety and building standards.

Termite Inspection

This inspection can be performed to see if there are any signs of damage to the structure of the home due to termites or other wood-boring bugs. This can lead to issues down the road and may lead to damage to the structure of the home if these insects are present and the problem is not addressed.

Well Water Inspection

If the home gets the water from the well it will need to be tested. This water will be used and consumed daily so it is essential to make sure it is safe. The testing will look at the hardness of the water and will test it for heavy metals including arsenic. The inspection will include a test for E. coli especially if the property is located near a farm. A certified lab will conduct this testing to check the safety of the water.

Radon Gas

Radon is natural gas but it can build up in small places and be a danger to humans. If the home has a basement it is especially important to have it tested for radon. A certified lab should perform this test to see if this harmful gas is present.

Septic System Test

If the home has a septic system both this system and the septic tank will need to be tested. The septic system is made up of the tank and a leach field where the water is released. A test can determine if this field is working as it should. The tank may need to be pumped out from time to time if it becomes too full. A person will need to have this test to make sure the tank is not leaking.

Oil Tanks

Some properties that run on oil may have had the tank buried underground. This was common practice at one time. The buyer needs the tank inspected to make sure that it is not leaking or contaminating the soil. This can be dangerous.

These are some of the home inspection tests that must be performed before purchasing a property. These tests can show if there are issues with the home or issues that will be expensive to fix. This will allow the potential buyer to make a lower price offer and decide if they want to purchase this home.

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